Workshop Intensives

In addition to our use of traditional individual and group therapy approaches, we offer a variety of three and four-day workshop intensives to help jump start recovery, address childhood trauma, and work on relationship issues.  One of the advantages of doing therapy work within this intensive type format is the opportunity for participants to dig deeper than is possible in a weekly individual session.  Intensive workshop groups are generally small in size allowing participants the time and safety needed to explore and heal painful wounds with trusted others.  All of our intensive workshops are facilitated by experienced clinicians specifically trained in the area of focus.

Family of Origin Workshop

This Family of Origin Workshop is based on Pia Mellody’s Post Induction Therapy Model.  Pia Mellody is a pioneer in the treatment of childhood trauma, codependence, and addiction.  She is the author of Facing Codependence, Facing Loving Addiction and The Intimacy Factor.

During this dynamic educational and experiential process, participants learn to identify and address those early childhood wounds which fuel adult dysfunction, i.e. addiction, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and relationship difficulties.  The focus is not about blaming caregivers; but rather healing the trauma (any less-than-nurturing events).

Facing the Shadow Workshop

This intensive workshop presented by Doug Sorensen & Associates is for men entering or returning to 12-Step sexual and/or relationship recovery.   Participants will learn about the disease of addiction and the challenges that are specific to sexual recovery. They will gain an increased understanding of how stress-induced maladaptive responses (coping mechanisms) used to self-medicate emotions can become sexually compulsive behaviors which actually change brain chemistry, resulting in addiction.    Useful tools and strategies will be learned and practiced and applied to difficult-to-face issues which may have been previously avoided. The  flexibility  and   safety  of  the   program’s  small  group  format  offers  participants  the opportunity  to  establish  a  strong  and  durable  foundation  for  their  continued  growth  in recovery.

Disclosure Prep Workshop

We understand the challenges and complexities faced by couples dealing with sexual infidelity and betrayal.  The loss of trust from this attachment rupture can leave many couples feeling hopeless. Our mission is to offer hope to couples who are willing to embrace the recovery process and help them navigate the road to repair and healing.

DISCLOSURE IS a facilitated, carefully prepared and supported process where the addicted individual provides his or her partner with a fully honest account of his or her history of acting out behaviors.

This workshop is designed to educate couples about the purpose of Disclosure, to provide orientation regarding the Disclosure process, and to begin preparation for Disclosure. Upon completing the workshop couples will have:

  • Established a thorough understanding of the process and purpose of Disclosure.
  • Established individual and couple goals for their Disclosure process.
  • Developed a plan and timeframe for completing Disclosure.
  • Identified blocks to completing disclosure and strategies for overcoming the blocks.
  • Developed a self-care plan for pre-, during, and post-Disclosure.

Hold Me Tight Workshop

Couples will explore their negative relationship patterns, practice how to break out of a cycle of arguments, and how to nurture their relationships .

Discover how to:

  • Improve Communication
  • Repair injuries from the past
  • Recognize the real reason for conflict
  • Understand each other’s emotions
  • Improve emotional and physical connection